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I offer a variety of online and face to face approaches from therapy and counselling utilising Western evidence-based techniques to integrative natural medicine practices.

Would you like to restore your health and wellbeing using natural medicine?

Struggling to cope with life due to stress, anxiety, depression or trauma?

A gentle body techniques that encourages body to relax, release muscle tension and heal.

What my clients say

See for yourself what my clients say about the services i offer

Ruta was the first person who I really open up to, and I invited into my true life. She looked into the glass bubble at me and said metaphorically, "hello there, do you want to come out here with me?".
Since starting my life coaching sessions with Ruta, I have really seen myself develop along the way and now feel much more confident due to the guidance and lessons I have learnt during that time.
Steve C
Ruta is a very thorough therapist who adapts the therapy to the client’s needs. I had EMDR and RTT sessions with Ruta and the sessions were very transforming.



Live a pain-free, stress-free and fulfilled life

My purpose in life is to guide and support those who are looking to improve their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  I use holistic approach in all my work to help my clients grow and achieve their dreams.

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